Disable InfoCenter in AutoCAD 2010

[Update: See Disable AutoCAD InfoCenter]

In case you missed it, Tony Tanzillo has posted instructions for disabling the InfoCenter in AutoCAD 2010. AutoCAD 2010 starts faster when the InfoCenter is disabled.

To make it easy, I’ve created an AutoLISP file that defines commands named DisableInfoCenter and EnableInfoCenter:

Alternatively, you can just paste the following lisp at the AutoCAD command line to disable it and be done with it. Note that you need to restart AutoCAD for the change to take effect.

(vl-registry-write (strcat "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\" (vlax-product-key) "\InfoCenter") "InfoCenterOn" 0)

12 thoughts on “Disable InfoCenter in AutoCAD 2010”

  1. Hi Owen. Do you have anything that turns off the infocenter in AutoCad 2009?

  2. Thanks Owen. I penned a quick toggle for my own convenience, here for others if they want (apologies if formatting/indenting goes for sh!t):

    (defun c:InfoCenter ( / path reg-key val-name val-data )
    ;; with thanks to Tony Tanzillo and Owen Wengerd
    (setq reg-key (strcat “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\” (vlax-product-key) “\InfoCenter”))
    (setq val-name “InfoCenterOn”)
    (setq val-data (if (zerop (vl-registry-read reg-key val-name)) 1 0))
    (princ (strcat “InfoCenter turned ” (if (zerop val-data) “off.” “on.”)))

    Cheers, Michael.

  3. hi

    have just tried this in civils 3d 2010 and the pesky bar is still there. have also tried regedit and changed the value to 0 and its still there ! help !!!!

      1. Hi Owen
        maybe you are the one and only person I can get help from.
        We are running ACAD in version 2004 and on certian drawings once you try ro select an object, acad freezes for at least for 10 seconds or it revs up the computer’s memeory to 100% for long or the rest of the day.

        Is this a problem with CAD or the settigs or the settings on the machine???

        Thanks for your help, that is if you can…

        Frank from lovely Hamburg in Germany

        1. It could be caused by any number of reasons, but it’s impossible to diagnose such a problem via blog comments. I recommend to post in the Autodesk or AUGI discussion groups to see if anyone can offer some suggestions or help with diagnosing the cause.

  4. It worked!!!
    You are the greatest!
    For me, this infocenter is the most annoying thing in AutoCAD 2011.


  5. Does this work for 2016?
    I like to use the posted lisp (shown below) at the AutoCAD command line but I’m not tech savvy enough to know how to input that. Please advise.

    (vl-registry-write (strcat “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\” (vlax-product-key) “\InfoCenter”) “InfoCenterOn” 0)

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