Bones, clones, and cyclones

My blogging has taken a nosedive in recent years, but I’m happy to report that I am doing great. I’ve been 100% focused on making sure there’s a viable alternative DWG platform for all you lost, lonely, and depressed CAD users out there. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because as I write this I am still 100% focused on the task: putting finishing touches on BricsCAD V19 to be released “soon”.

I’ll get straight to the point. Yes, Bricsys has been acquired by Hexagon, but you would hardly know this if you worked inside Bricsys. Inside the company, the same people are doing the same work today that they were doing last month. Literally nothing has changed, at least not yet. Bricsys will change, yes, and nobody can be sure just how it will change, but I assure you that my focus will not change.

Look, the AutoCAD writing is on the wall. Life in the nursing home has not been kind to AutoCAD, and things are only going to get worse as Autodesk turns up the morphine drip. I’ve said for years that BricsCAD is the best alternative, and today it is more true than ever. To steal a line from Bricsys CEO Erik de Keyser, BricsCAD is not a clone, but a cyclone!

2 thoughts on “Bones, clones, and cyclones”

  1. Recently made the move from AutoCAD 2014 to BricsCADV19.
    Most of my work these days is done with Tekla Structures, but still need a CAD program.
    So far, no serious issues, although I do miss AutoHook and MVPort, neither of which are available for the latest version of ACAD.

  2. This is an old article but I need to comment.
    I had been dipping my toes in the water with Bricscad for about a year before I decided to go full bore in v20 about 6 months ago.
    Best decision I have made. It is so refreshing to work with a piece of software that is being actively developed and has embraced Lsp.
    Did I mention it is fast?!!! (compared to the other software that must not be named…)
    Thanks for the blog post Owen.

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