QuikPik 4.1 Adds Classic Title Bar Feature

Those of you with bad eyesight (and the rest of us throwbacks) will appreciate the new ‘Classic title bar’ feature in QuikPik 4.1. This new feature addresses AutoCAD 2009 and later versions of AutoCAD with the fancy schmancy title bar and menu bar.

Out-of-the-box (not customizable):

QuikPik ‘Classic title bar’ (Windows 7 Aero Theme):

QuikPik ‘Classic title bar’ (Windows 7 Classic Theme):

If you already own a QuikPik license, you can get the new version by logging in and downloading it again from the link in your order detail. If you don’t own QuikPik yet, try it out by installing the shareware version — and if you like it, buy it!

QuikPik, Periscope, SuperPurge Updated for AutoCAD 2008

If you use of any of these ManuSoft products, preliminary AutoCAD 2008 support has been available for several weeks at the Download Center for registered users. The QuikPik and Periscope updates are now officially released, and the shareware versions of QuikPik and Periscope are now available as well. SuperPurge will be officially released in the next week or so.

My free AcadStatusBarButton library has also been updated for AutoCAD 2008, and is now available for download on the Freebies page. The only change is the addition of a blank status bar pane beneath your floating buttons so that the new annotation scale buttons in AutoCAD 2008 don’t get covered up (the blank panes force the annotation scale buttons to the left of your custom buttons). If your button position is fixed (i.e. not floating), the blank pane will not be used.

As always, if you encounter any problems, please let me know!