Although my blog has become relatively stagnant, the rest of my life has been changing — and there are even bigger changes ahead. My children have been growing into adulthood one by one, and my parenting time has been shrinking as a result. To take up the slack, I bought a bike a few years …

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OpenDCL 6

You may not have noticed, but AutoLISP is still alive and kicking. This is evidenced by the growing community of developers and hobbyist programmers using the latest release of OpenDCL, the free graphical user interface library for AutoLISP applications. If you’re not familiar with OpenDCL, check out the newly released OpenDCL 6. Share ThisTweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Belgium Bound

Bricsys asked me to give a short presentation about OpenDCL to developers at their Bricsys 2010 Conference in Bruges next week. I’m looking forward to meet keynote speaker Deelip Menezes and other familiar names in the CAD community, and of course planning to learn more about the ever evolving Bricscad platform. [Full Disclosure: Bricsys is paying for all …

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OpenDCL Quick Intro

If you’re an AutoLISP programmer, you’ve probably heard about OpenDCL. Maybe you’ve even checked it out, but it looked complicated and you weren’t sure whether it was worth the trouble to learn how to use it. Either way, do yourself a favor and spend 10 minutes to go through the following 10-step quick introduction to …

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