12 thoughts on “Turning off InfoCenter (aka WSCommCntr4.exe) in AutoCAD 2013”

  1. Thank you man!!! I really appreciate your work with this. I am really not a fan of all the bloatware inside of autocad. Your one file that disables infocenter saves me a lot of time when opening. Thanks again!

  2. Owen,
    I used your tool to uninstall info center not knowing it would completely take out my help tool/search. I tried to restore the info center by uninstalling your tool but it did not restore. What am I doing wrong? I’d like to add it back on, please help. thanks!

    1. What software, flavor, and version are you using? What exactly do you mean by “help tool/search”? Disabling InfoCenter should not disable online help. Did you make any other changes besides installing and uninstalling the MSI?

  3. I just ran into the same problem. I installed the tool, started Autocad (2013 64 bit on Windows 7), and saw that it worked. So I shut down Autocad, uninstalled the tool, and restarted Autocad, the info center did not come back.

    1. I believe I’ve identified and fixed the problem. It was not backing up the original value correctly in 2013 due to a permissions issue, so the wrong value would get restored. A new version is now available with the fix. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. We have been using your AcadInfoCenterOff solutions for years and love it since Autodesk still does not allow an interface to control this registry setting. Beginning in 2013 however, if you are still logged into Autodesk 360, any AutoCAD 2013 product will Fatal Error upon opening. Once you logout of Autodesk 360, you can open 2013 without incident again. Autodesk said they are aware of this issue and hope to provide a fix in SP2 (if/whenever that is released). Hopefully 2014 will have this fix integrated.

  5. Any Windows 7 PC running AutoCAD 2013 MEP we’ve put this utility on has caused us to get errors every time a user attempts to print from the Help pages, we get a AcBrowserHost.exe error when printing. Uninstalling the utility does not resolve the issue, a complete uninstall/reinstall of AutoCAD does resolve the problem. Install the utility again and printing help pages are broken again.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Brian. I am able to reproduce the crash, and will report it to Autodesk. If you haven’t yet, please report the problem by visiting http://www.autodesk.com/submitbug . The more reports they get, the better the chance of getting it fixed. FWIW, the currently downloadable version of AcadInfoCenterOff.msi fixes the uninstall issue.

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