AutoCAD 2012 InfoCenter

If you’re upgrading to AutoCAD 2012, don’t forget to also disable InfoCenter (unless you really need it). Just download and install AcadInfoCenterOff to disable it on any version of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. If you already have AcadInfoCenterOff installed, you can just run a repair install to apply it to a newly installed instance of AutoCAD 2012.

5 thoughts on “AutoCAD 2012 InfoCenter”

  1. Thanks Owen for providing AcadInfoCenterOff. We have been using it first when you offered in vba form, and then once you offered in the more powerful .msi format. I assume this should work for AutoCAD Architecture also?

  2. I installed your AcadInfoCenterOff, rebooted, and re-started my autocadMap3d 2012.
    However WSCommCntr3.exe is still running. Did I miss somthing?

    1. A commenter on a related post said “you will need to sign out of the AutoDesk 360 services (online settings sync, cloud storage, etc)”. Does that help?

      1. Try to adjust vaelus in Advanced REnder Settings – command: rpref- you can turn-off Ray Tracing by clicking the bulb next to it or just lessen reflections’ vaelus. Also play with the vaelus in the Indirect Illumination group for a good render.

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