Visual Studio 2010 Native Multi-Targeting

I was hoping that Microsoft would address the need to target earlier versions of Visual Studio within the Visual Studio 2010 IDE, but since they decided to punt, I tackled the problem myself. I’ve released my solution as an open source project named Daffodil for Visual Studio.

With Daffodil installed on your system along with earlier versions of Visual Studio, you can use the new native multi-targeting feature in Visual Studio 2010 to target those earlier versions. This makes it possible to use Visual Studio 2010 for building ObjectARX projects, for example. Daffodil performs essentially the same function that my VC Build Hook utility did in Visual Studio 2008 and 2005.


    • I still use VS 2008 primarily. I’m in the process of moving a few projects to VS 2010, but there are still some problems unrelated to multi-targeting that I need to find reliable solutions for. One of the projects that I have already ported to VS 2010 targets AutoCAD versions back to AutoCAD 2000.

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  5. Useful tip in conjunction with Native Multi-Targeting – you can change the directory that is examined for platform toolset definitions, by setting the “MSBuildExtensionsPath32″ environment variable. If you do so, you should also copy the contents of the MSBuild directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\MSBuild or the equivalent) to whatever the environment variable is set to.

    This might be useful if you’re checking in toolset definitions into source control.

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    • Yes, I do have every version from VS 6.0 to VS 2010 installed on Windows 7 64-bit. The build tools for all of them work fine, however the VS .NET (VC 7.0) IDE does not work (it starts then immediately exits). I think I may have “installed” VS .NET by copying files and registry keys from a working installation on a Windows XP 32-bit VM.

    • Before dragging the folder “Platforms” into the one called “v110″ in “C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\” it didn’t even show the toolsets in project settings. After doing so, Visual Studio 2012 moans ‘MSB4057: The target “Build” does not exist in the project.’.

    • Greg, I’ve tested the shipping VS 2012 in a virtual machine and it displays the Daffodil platform toolsets in a new project after a clean install. I don’t have any older versions of VS on the virtual machine so I can’t test beyond that, but at least the platform toolsets are displaying as expected.

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