VC Build Hook utility for Visual Studio 2008

The new Visual Studio 2008 has been released, and to celebrate, I’ve updated VC Build Hook. The updated utility allows you to use the new IDE while still building with older versions of the build tools.

Why is this necessary? If you build your AutoCAD 2007/2008 ObjectARX application with the Visual C/C++ 9.0 tools, AutoCAD will display a warning message about an incompatible module when you try to load it. You can use VC Build Hook to target all previous AutoCAD versions from a single Visual Studio 2008 solution (if you have the correct version of Visual C/C++ installed alongside Visual Studio 2008).

In my testing so far, existing Visual Studio 2005 projects build without problems in Visual Studio 2008 when VC Build Hook is installed and the new ‘BuildToolVersion’ property is set to the correct version.