Toot Sweet

The French expression tuit de suite pretty much sums up how I feel after every Autodesk University, and this year is no exception. So much gets crammed into one week, with barely any time to decompress or collect my thoughts, let alone catch up with all the latest gossip or relax with old friends.

I had a tradition back in the early days to describe the people I met at AU. That tradition fell by the wayside as the heady days of youthful exuberance gave way to the practical realities of putting food on the table and making sure the bills got paid. Nowadays, the list would be far too large anyway.

Just like the old days, however, I come back from AU energized and replenished, not with more knowledge per se, but with information, ideas, and revitalized motivation. This year I’ve resolved to jump on the blogger bandwagon and share some of my thoughts for posterity.

Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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