Visual Studio 2010 Ships

Visual Studio 2010 shipped today accompanied by .NET Framework 4.0. I blogged before about the switch to using the MSBuild build system, and how that theoretically could be helpful in targeting multiple AutoCAD versions from the same solution. The shipping VS 2010 does not support non-Unicode response files, so out-of-the-box it cannot target VC 7.0 (for AutoCAD 2006 and earlier). When time permits, I’m planning to see if I can find a workaround; in the meantime, I’ll continue to use VS 2008 for ObjectARX.

7 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2010 Ships”

  1. I’ve installed VS 2010 and compiled the ARXDBG sample from the ObjectARX 2011 SDK. This compile took more than 5 times longer than compiling the ARXDBG sample in VS 2008.

    What has been your experience with build performance?

    1. In my testing, build times have improved in 2010, and IntelliSense and browse database processing performance has improved tremendously. If you converted the ArxDbg project, you lost some inherited settings. I’ll bet if you set it again to use precompiled headers, the build will be comparable in 2010.

    1. You should only need previous versions for native code that must be linked to native libraries for earlier versions. Managed code should not require any previous versions of Visual Studio as far as I know (but I don’t build much managed code, so YMMV).

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